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Boston Vibration would love to collaborate with you or your business and spread the love for communal healing and togetherness. For the Sound Healing Energy sessions we offer a 70-30% split assuming you provide  the venue. We will dedicate ourselves with hard work for the success of any collaborative event. Please contact us for further details.

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Wholesale Authentic Singing Bowls from Nepal

Coming all the way from the village of Bhaktapur(Nepal) where 90% of the world's metallic Singing Bowls are made, we offer you the options of Wholesale purchase in Boston Vibration. The minimum order for our existing inventory is $1000 and  for customization is $1500.

 Here are the perks of becoming a retailer for Boston Vibration. 

  1. Best Guaranteed quality products made in the heart of Nepal.

  2. Family owned Artisans and craftsman crafting products with sincerity and respect 

  3. Quality analysis of raw materials 

  4. Customization of your logo or any prints (Laser or Hand Itches)

  5. FREE workshops on how to use  the bowls and Sound Bath sessions offered to help grow the sales for your store/studio.

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